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Soft Water City Inc - Water Treatment System DeKalb IL

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Soft Water City Inc. has been serving DeKalb communities since 1966


In spring of 1966, Ray Puentes, an immigrant from Cuba of just 7 years, heard from a friend about a job opening in DeKalb to install water treatment equipment. For the next 6 years, Ray learned the inside and outs of the water treatment business. He saw an opportunity in neighboring communities to serve the public with his new found talents, and Soft Water City was created.

Ray and his wife Kathy grew their business the old-fashioned way by word of mouth and community involvement. Long before the internet and mass media, Ray could be found knocking on doors introducing his business to the community. Lacking income for day care, their children Chris and Lisa, were literally raised in the business. Under the instruction of their parents, Chris and Lisa have continued to run the family business for the last 15 years. Together, they have expanded Soft Water City’s scope and degree of water treatment. But, you can still find Ray and Kathy in the background bolstering day to day operations from retirement.  

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Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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440 Dekalb Ave

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