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Is your water is reddish-brown color or is there a staining of the bathroom fixtures? This problem can be aggravating - stop the staining of your laundry today with one of our specialty filters. Call today for a free estimate and water analysis.



Water problems can vary based on location and water supply.  Whatever your problem is, we have a solution for you. For cleaner, clearer water call 815-895-6666 today to learn more about our filtration solutions.

Eliminate Discolored Water Today

Ensure contaminant-free drinking water

Selecting the correct water filter system for your residence or business

can be distressing. There are many types of filters available to combat water problems and improve the quality of water - Carbon Filters, Sulfur filters, Iron filter, or Tannin filters - used in raising or lowering PH levels, bacteria removal, and removing impurities, tannins or other harmful contaminants.  


Understanding water chemistry doesn't have to be difficult - let us help you enjoy the convenience of fresh and safe water with one of our specialty filters.

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filter needs, call:


Remove Iron, Sulfur & Bad Taste From Your Entire Home.

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