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A test should 1st be done to determine if the odor is on the hot or cold water. Rotten egg smell on hot water only is caused by the anode rod in the water heater. Softened water reacts with organics in the water and the magnesium in the rod to create the foul odor. Replacing this sacrificial rod with one made of aluminum can help.


If the odor is on the cold water, than we are dealing with Hydrogen Sulfide in the water supply. To remove this, we 1st need to convert it to the filterable state as elemental sulfur by oxidizing the water. Soft Water City Inc. has many “green” solutions to effectively perform this.

Does your water smell like rotten eggs?

It is four times more difficult for a water conditioner to trap iron than hardness. As a water conditioner ages and the mineral bed becomes exhausted; the ability to remove iron is the 1 st to go. Many people might have perfectly soft water, but “bleed“ iron thru an exhausted system.


That doesn’t mean you necessarily need a new system, you may just need a new mineral bed. It could also mean that the incoming iron content to your home exceeds what your system can handle. A properly engineered iron filter can help.

Why is my water rusty even with a water conditioner?

If you live on a private well, you don’t have the protection of chlorinated water such as those on a city water supply. Nevertheless, most dangers of drinking water are found in surface water supplies. Most wells in the area are 150-500 ft. deep and typically do not contain dangerous bacteria. The local health department can test for evidence of fecal coli and e-coli bacteria as well as evidence of pesticides and herbicides (Nitrate and Nitrites). We would still recommend a least an annual chlorination to keep organics from building up in your well.

Is your well water safe to drink?

A properly working water conditioner can effectively remove 80 to 97 percent of Radium, Barium and Strontium. In fact, your water conditioner prefers to remove these contaminants. A properly engineered water conditioner from Soft Water City Inc. can additionally remove dissolved iron and manganese along with the hardness.

How can I remove Radium from my water?

No. We achieve health and gain minerals primarily through the foods we eat. It would be necessary to drink many gallons of high mineral water a day to supplement the minerals the body needs daily. By comparison, one glass of cow’s milk contains the typical same mineral content of multiple gallons of ordinary well water.

Does reverse osmosis water deprive me of minerals?

Unlike many in our industry who might “scare “you of the dangers of chlorine, we have a great regard for it’s impact to the water treatment industry. In fact, the addition of chlorine to control bacteria in potable water supplies is one of man’s greatest advances of the last 100 years. With that in mind, once chlorine is in the home water supply; it’s job is done.


The concerns of then showering, bathing, drinking and doing laundry in chlorinated waters needs to be an informed decision. Trihalomethanes are dangerous byproducts produced when chlorine comes in contact with organics in your water. This has prompted some municipalities to add ammonia to the water supply to make chloramines. Chloramines have none of the same byproducts. Both products can dry skin and hair and have had concerns of inhaling its properties while showering. We carry either faucet specific or whole home systems to remove these from your water supply.

Is chlorine safe for me and my family?

Absolutely, you can. Please be aware that all water treatment systems are not created equal. A water conditioner, drinking system or whole house filter is an appliance. All appliances are not created equal. This is why you can buy a good, better or best washing machine, fridge or dishwasher.


Should you expect the same longevity, reliability and reparability from the lowest price “big box store” appliance? Keep in mind that your water treatment system will protect all other water using appliances in your home. A properly engineered water treatment system from Soft Water City Inc. will pay for itself and can offer decades of reliable service to your family or business.

Can’t I buy a water treatment system from a store?

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